Work at Resource

Casual Scrutineers applications have been extended to Midnight Thursday 13th of December. 

Please email your application including a cover letter addressing the selection criteria to (addressed to Mona Loofs-Samorzewski).

Previous applicants need not apply





Resource Work Co-op has an Enterprise Agreement based on the retail trades award.



Ability to attend evening meetings (generally once a month) and occasional events outside of work hours;
Full manual driver's license (no P-plates or restrictions);
Reasonable availability to cover shifts at short notice;
Physical fitness (ability to undertake all the duties of the position);
A pre-employment medical will be required.





  • Enthusiastic commitment to working with, and promoting, the values and principles of Resource Work Co-operative;
  • Demonstrated ability to comprehend and carry out delegated tasks;
  • Demonstrated understanding of issues of occupational health and safety;
  • Demonstrated ability to work as a member of a team;
  • Capacity to undertake hard physical labour including knowledge of safe lifting skills;
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to learn and to undertake further training as required;
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate and deal effectively with a wide range of people;
  • Demonstrated ability to handle money, preferably in a retail environment;
  • Personal commitment to waste minimisation & re-use.



  • Knowledge of co-operative workplaces and/or experience with consensus-based decision making;
  • Work place level 1 first aid certificate;
  • Medium rigid truck licence.


Your application needs to include cover letter, response to selection criteria and resume, please send to: (addressed to Mona Loofs-Samorzewski) OR

GPO Box 98, South Hobart TAS 7004 (marked “Attention Board of Management”)

By Midnight Thursday 13th December




Resource is a national leader in the waste minimisation industry, operating Tasmania's largest reuse centre, the Resource Tip Shop in South Hobart.  We are Australia's largest Worker owned Co-operative.


Resource seeks to work with the community to achieve viable, sustainable, best-practice waste minimisation and quality service through continuous improvement of the business and operations, complemented by innovative community education, within a safe and satisfying work environment.




Reports to:             Site Manager, Tip Shop Work Area Manager, Coordinator.

Wage:                   $27.50/hour (casual), $22.00/hour (permanent), as per Resource Work Cooperative Society Limited, Enterprise Agreement 2013.


Position Description

1.    To be responsible for workplace health and safety and duty of care issues pertaining to the position description's area of work;

2.    To salvage reusable discards from landfill and the walking floor of the Transfer Station, and to accept 'drop-offs' of reusables from the drive-through at the Resource Recovery Area (including directing drive-through traffic);

3.    To sort and distribute materials from loading area into appropriate sections with a view to best presentation for sale; including pricing and selling of reusables;

4.    To provide polite, helpful customer service, using POS hardware and software;

5.    Knowledge of safe lifting techniques;

6.    Working within Cooperative framework of Resource;

7.    To undertake safely, efficiently and effectively other duties as directed by the Site Manager from time to time.


Duty Statement:


1) Workplace Health and Safety

Understands and fulfils all principles of 'duty of care’ to self, other staff members and customers in all aspects of work, paying particular attention to safe lifting skills;
Wears clean & presentable, personal protective clothing;
Maintains personal protective equipment;
Identifies hazards to self and/or other staff and customers in all work environments including staff areas, customer areas and salvaging areas (including landfill, the walking floor of the Transfer Station, and the drive-through at the Resource Recovery Area);
Immediately addresses and/or reports hazards or other workplace health and safety issues to the Site Manager;
Analyses reasonable alternatives and takes action in a timely manner;
Maintains a safe level of cleanliness and tidiness in all customer and staff areas;
Drives vehicles in a safe and appropriate manner;
Adheres to all WH&S policies and procedures as they are developed and reviewed.


2) Salvaging reusables

Demonstrates necessary knowledge and understanding of his/her position responsibilities;
Has a full manual drivers licence;
Wears all personal protective clothing/equipment whilst salvaging;
Wears appropriate personal protective clothing in the Resource Recovery Area (the shop, yards and drive-through), on the walking floor of the Transfer Station, and on the tip face (incl. gloves and mask);
Liaises with Council staff whilst on the tip face and the walking floor of the Transfer Station;
Understands and implements all relevant aspects of Resource/Council's agreement;
Prioritises reusable salvaging in terms of best financial return: from landfill, the walking floor of the Transfer Station, and the drive-through at the Resource Recovery Area;
Accepts 'drop-offs' of reusables from the drive-through at the Resource Recovery Area;
Directs drive-through traffic at the Resource Recovery Area;
Loads the truck in an appropriate and safe manner;
Represents Resource to the public in a polite, professional way;
Deals appropriately with any incidence of illegal salvaging;
Reports incidents and/or issues of concern to the Site Manager;
Weighs truck loads on trips to & from the tip face and the walking floor of the Transfer Station;
Completes all required paperwork;
Assists as directed in the securing of the premises at the end of each day or in case of emergency.


3) Sorting & Drop Offs

Efficiently and effectively undertakes the sorting and presentation of goods to achieve best sales results;
Identifies possible antiques/collectables and places these in the collectables storage area;
Keeps the drop-off area clear of goods;
Places all electrical appliances neatly in the electrical evaluation area;
Leaves the sorting area clean and tidy for the next day's crew;
Receives drop-offs from the drive-through as promptly as possible;
Prices all items prior to placement in sales areas.


4)Customer Service

Provides polite and friendly customer service;
Understands the principals of duty of care and uses them when dealing with customers;
Maintains firmness with prices and policies;
Uses Point Of Sale hardware and software;
Deals with difficult customers in a firm but polite manner, including asking co-workers for assistance or support;
Understands Resource’s role as an educator and actively educates customers;
Confers with co-workers to determine fair prices;
Consults with a more experienced member of staff when unsure of the price of an item;
Ensures no electrical appliance is sold without a sticker;
Ensures all individual items worth over $5 are priced before going into shop
Completes the sign-out sheet for all sales of electrical appliances;
Improves knowledge of products and practices via active research, eg. asking questions, visiting hardware stores etc.


5)Knowledge of safe lifting techniques

Understands teamwork techniques for handling heavy objects with others;
Demonstrates safe lifting techniques on own or with others;
Able to give feedback to co-workers regarding lifting/lifting negotiations;
Attends to team members needs (eg whilst salvaging, checks if a buddy needs help or is in danger, etc)


6)Working within Cooperative framework of Resource

Works within the Cooperative model, including actively participating in the consensus decision-making process, using established process to resolve issues, and assisting workers with any other Resource project or task that requires help and for which you are trained;
Willingness to participate in monthly meetings and other Resource events;
Be familiar with, and endeavours to follow, the Resource values.